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Why Redding is the Clear Choice for the Purchase or Lease of Commercial Property?

Redding is the Government Center of Northern California

Redding is located at the northernmost point of the Sacramento Valley in Northern California. Redding is the county seat of Shasta County, California, USA. With a population of 89,861, according to the 2010 Census, Redding is the state's largest city north of Sacramento and the fourth largest city in the Sacramento Valley.

Redding Commercial Property is Affordable

Commercial properties in Redding, CA are some of the most affordable properties in the state.

Stillwater Business Park

The Stillwater Business Park has been developed because the City of Redding listened to the needs of industry. The park was designed to provide large (up to 100+ acres) sites that are truly “ready to go." Stillwater has all of the entitlements in place with flexible zoning and has extended utilities to each of its large sites.

Numerous companies and site-location consultants advised the City about the creation of the Stillwater Business Park and the result is a product that is competitive and truly “ready to go.”

Companies seeking site-location options in today’s development environment require less risk. Stillwater provides reduced risk, because the City of Redding has taken the time and has made the initial investment to obtain all of the permits and has developed a flexible Planned Development Plan that allows for building permits to be issued quickly.

Because the City of Redding is the developer, the motivation behind Stillwater is, very simply, quality employment opportunities for area residents and capital investment in the community.

The vision for Stillwater is that it will be a magnet for companies seeking access to western markets. Office and industrial users will find an excellent workforce, excellent access to Interstate 5 and overall operating costs that are significantly lower than most urban areas.

Whether you have a customer service or corporate office need or are manufacturing plastic and metal products such as medical devices, Stillwater will provide you with a site that is not only stunning aesthetically, because of surrounding views, but also with low costs and profitability!

Low cost utilities

The beautiful Sacramento River runs through the heart of Redding - delivering "green", low-cost, hydroelectricity to Redding commercial properties. In addition, as a municipal provider, the REU is equipped to offer industrial rates 30%-40% lower than investor-owned utilities in California.


AT&T provides fiber optic service to Redding businesses including the Stillwater Business Park.

Leasing opportunities

The Redding commercial real estate market offers numerous lease opportunities. These opportunities include but are not limited to retail shops, restaurants, industrial shops, office space, and more. For current listings please visit

Climate from

Redding is actually a little different that some of the other Central Valley towns due to its elevation. Redding sits sort of on the rim of the Sacramento Valley. Mountains surround the Central valley on all sides. Redding, like Bakersfield to the south are in the highest up-slopes where the valley begins to reach the mountains. Because of its geographical position, Redding sometimes is high enough above the valley floor to escape winter tule fog and is sunnier and warmer during these foggy periods then Chico, Yuba City, Sacramento, Modesto, etc. But because Redding is one of the northernmost cities in California it is more likely to get a bit more rain during winter than the lower and more southerly cities. The other aspect of Redding's climate that is a bit different than the rest of the valley is that it can get extremely hot. The entire Central Valley has a hot summer [90's] but the upper ends of the valley [including Bakersfield to the south] are slightly higher in elevation. Hot air rises off the valley floor and makes the upper reaches enough hotter. That is why Redding can easily exceed 100F and temps at night can be quite warm compared to the lower elevation regions.

Redding is hotter than all other cities in the Sacramento valley. Redding usually has less fog during winter. Redding can experience light snow but this is rare.

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